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Wild Thoughts

By Charity Ferrell

  • Genre: New Adult, Books, Romance
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I want to kill my new stepbrother. 
He's an a**hole, arrogant, and can't stop talking about sex. 
The worst part? He has blackmail on me. 

I want to kill my new stepbrother.
He's an a*****e, arrogant, and can't stop talking about sex.
He also has blackmail on me.

I’m the good girl—the one who follows the rules and never colors outside the lines.
Except there’s one I’m breaking: a lie I’ve successfully kept hidden … until I’m busted by my new stepbrother.

I made a mistake—one that resulted in me having to move across the country for six months.
My plan is to lay low and stay out of trouble … but then I walk into the unexpected.
I never thought my new stepsister would be my type … but I can’t stop thinking about her.
I want her. I toy with her. Until she allows me to make her mine … temporarily.

We know it’ll end soon, but what happens when we want more?