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By Charity Ferrell

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I'm suing Trojan.
Ninety-eight percent effective, my a**.

Things I never thought would happen: 
1. Meeting my boyfriend’s secret wife. 
2. Finding out I’m pregnant with his baby. 
3. Having my best friend tell my family he’s the father. 

Things I never thought would happen: 
1. Becoming best friends with a woman the total opposite of me. 
2. Pretending to be her baby daddy.
3. Falling in love with her. 

The more we fake it, the more we forget it’s only temporary. 
If only we had known it would change everything.



    By Maddy14!!
    I loved the plot! It was so interesting and wasn’t to predictable!
  • 100/10

    By Chris31202
    I loved this book! Kept me on my toes for sure! I couldn’t get enough of it!
  • Loved it!!

    By jordyn-ashley
    I love books that I never want to put down and this was definitely one I couldn’t stop reading!!
  • Loved!

    By jrileu
    I’m getting back into reading and I’m so glad it was with this book, a page turner! A classic teenage romance book.
  • TikTok made me buy it !

    By bnicole03
    I saw the author advertising on TikTok & I couldn’t wait to read it! I’m over half way done and I am in love !!!! ❤️
  • I need more!

    By kayduhhh0619
    After seeing the author advertising the book on tik tok I instantly came to Apple Books and got a sample. I read the sample and I had to buy it. I needed to know how it ended. It took me 2 days to complete the book, I couldn’t put it down! After reading it all, I need more Finn and Grace! There definitely needs to be a book 2 for them!
  • I loved it !

    By Bootsandbows
    I found this book while scrolling through TikTok , the author was promoting the book in a very hooking way . I jumped right on over and bought this book . It was amazing ! I would love to see more of Finn and Grace ! I was a really good story line , I’m one of those people that start a book and if it gets interesting I can’t put it down and this was definitely one of those !
  • So excited to get to know Grace!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    So excited to get to know Grace! After getting bits and pieces about Grace’s past in previous books, I was so excited we finally got her story so we could understand her better – and the cliffhanger in the last book had me on the edge of my seat! Grace has always been the prepared, responsible one in the group, and she never steps out of line. She has a sweet personality and has a huge crush on Finn, although he doesn’t know that. Finn, on the other hand, also harbors feelings for Grace, but because of his past that also involves her father, he never acts on them, until Grace ends up pregnant and finds out the truth about her baby daddy. Stepping in to cover as the father but also taking his chance to act on his feelings, Finn is there for Grace in every way possible, and as they spend time together under false pretenses, the feelings come out and things get real. The drama in this book revolves more around the baby daddy, which Charity did not disappoint in that department, and it really elevated the book between the bliss of Finn and Grace’s relationship and that drama. I loved this couple and was so happy they found their way to each other as well as got the HEA they both deserved. I can’t wait to see what couple is next! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Chaser

    By lauren 04
    Great book
  • Amazing !!

    By skylarhenderson12
    By far one of the best books I’ve read. It took me less than a week to read it, as I read I was drawn more and more to it and would loose track of time using it. When I read this it had all of my focus and I would just tell myself “ one more chapter “ 😅 I highly recommend!!!