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The Rebound

By Kendall Ryan

  • Genre: Romance, Books, Contemporary
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The last thing my newly single—and pregnant—neighbor Kinley needs is a fling. So, I make it my job to protect her from guys like me.

Which is the perfect distraction, because I’m suddenly in a whole bunch of hot water.

My coach hates me. And with our team captain now watching my every move, I need to start taking things more seriously.

Forced to walk the straight and narrow or face serious consequences, I’m willing to try something new—being a good guy. But the part of this that’s not an act? Helping out Kinley.

There’s just one problem. The girl I’m falling for? She’s the team captain’s sister.  

Kinley is funny and sweet and she’s . . . um, very pregnant. 

And even though my spot on this team depends on it . . . I can’t let her go.