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Lyrics of a Small Town

By Abbi Glines

  • Genre: New Adult, Books, Romance, Contemporary
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One last thing, if you do fall in love with him, please go slowly. Be careful. Trust your gut and know not all things are easy. Damaged things can become beautiful if they’re placed in the right hands. – Love, Gran

A small town where pickup trucks rule, the farmer’s market is bigger than the grocery store, and just about everyone goes to church on Sunday is the last place Henley Warren expects to find herself three months after her grandmother’s death. But Gran left a list of things she needed Henley to do after she died, and fulfilling those wishes means spending a summer in the same place her mom fled from when she was only seventeen years old. With each task that is ticked off the list, events are set in motion that uncover secrets surrounding Henley’s life.
Although Henley may have arrived on the shores of Alabama’s Gulf Coast feeling alone and lost in a world without her Gran, things soon change. The small town holds more than she realized- including a broody, gorgeous, potentially dangerous guy who is always showing up when she needs him the most. Henley fears her heart isn’t ready to trust someone so unpredictable but he makes her feel things deeper than she thought possible. So, when Henley discovers the twisted, dark world he is living in, will it be too late to save her heart? Or has her heart been beyond saving from the moment he stepped out of his truck on that very first day?


  • Lyrics of a Small Town

    By Pooh Bea
    Enjoyed this book very much!!! P Johns
  • 😍😍

    By Dom🖤
    I love all Abbi’s books so much! This one did not disappoint. Can’t wait to ready other novels in the series to come.
  • Amazing!

    By JordynStorm
    It only took me two days to read this book. It was absolutely phenomenal! Abbi Glines has been my favorite author for years now. Highly recommend!
  • Poo

    By Lafueee23456
    Read it, but I wished I didn’t.
  • Loved

    By bambamlbx2
    Loved this book so much! Definitely my favorite book of hers!!
  • Touched my heart

    By Ash.Bunn
    This story was so beautifully written and really did touch my heart. I can still feel the emotions from the characters! I look forward to hopefully reading more from this wonderful little town!
  • The best one yet

    By 37baker
    This book was the best one yet. The twist and turns kept coming and wanting to know what was going to happen next. This book needs to be a series so that I can find out what happens with all of the characters.
  • Another hit from Abbi

    By dmazzacchi
    Just another reason Abbi Glines is my favorite author. She has done it again with this book. So many curveballs I never knew what was going to happen. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By Ashaleeena
    Loooooove it! Can’t wait till the next one! This is so twisty and good! Bravo!
  • Hooked!

    By Kulzerexteriors
    Hooked again!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next !